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CDIO 2017 #Assignment 6 Social

Facing with the new technology, not everyone will be glad to embrace and enjoy the convenience it bringing us especially when he or she is informed with new functions and feel they hard to accept new inventions. Since I am major in automotive engineering, the most people surrounded me feel confident this new technology will change the way of living and transportation especially ones who involves in the implementation of active system or cooperative system. However, if the same questions are asked people who is not familar with that or people are older, they feel more concerns about the drawback AVs brought to us. I hear some complaint about the trolley dilemma happened in AVs or the vulnerability of whole system to be hacked or in malfunction. They feel safer if they are actually controlling the vehicle instead by the autonomous driving system. Depending on their own consciousness and determination make them safer which is the main reason they are reluctant to accept this new techn

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